LETTER: Recycled Sewage in Hawks Nest is not wanted by locals


[A letter I recently sent to Kerrie Simmons, Great Lakes Council – hope you may have room to publish.]                             recycled sewage hawks nest

“Thank you for advising the Progress Association that you can meet with members & Yamba street residents at Myall Park with a representative from Mid Coast Water.

However we should point out the last meeting 18 months ago was a complete waste of neighbour’s time.

The Hawks Nest Caravan Park have already refused the Recycled Sewage Proposal in the adjacent Caravan Park.

Mid Coast Water have advised that the decision if Recycled Sewage is used has nothing to do with them & were sceptical as to whether would be implemented because of the Spray Drift into the homes which was in the summary of the Irrigation Evaluation Report.

The Progress Association too acknowledges this would be unpleasant and shares the Yamba Street Residents views.

Noted the correspondence from Council acknowledging the Spray and looking at a change of Sprinkler Heads.

That would be unacceptable as this does not resolve the spray drift issue into our homes.

Last night a Progress Association member who has worked on irrigation lines on fields in NSW said the above ground sprinklers are outdated and only a sub surface irrigation system would solve this Issue.

We can discuss this more when we meet on site.

Again the alternate groundwater supply option that has been used for 40 years on Myall Park has never been an issue, only pleasant throughout our homes.

If there is no resolution at this meeting, then banners will be placed indefinitely on our private properties.

If you would still like to hold a meeting please advise a suitable date & time so we can confirm with the Progress Association Committee & neighbours that can be present at Myall Park.

Where Council has taken to the discuss with an angle grinder, it has done nothing to solve the pooling where children play, this is also not an issue with the groundwater from the Aquifer.

Phillip & Stuart Daniel

Hawks Nest

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