Len Roberts provide update on key Myall Coast matters of interest

Great Lakes Deputy Mayor Len Roberts provides an update of happenings and status of key Myall Coast matters of interestGreat Lakes Council Cr Len Roberts

Tourism and community potential

OVER the last long weekend weekend a GeoQuest adventure race commenced at Hawks Nest, but neither the council nor the community was aware of what was happening.

The organisers failed to notify appropriately and the towns was not able to take advantage of the event.

On Wednesday 26 August, 6pm at the Baptist Church Tea Gardens, a meeting will be held to discuss potential tourism, marketing, business and community opportunities and potential.

Whilst it is mainly for representatives of community organisations and business houses the public is most welcome.

In attendance will be the Tourism Manager, the new Community Liaison Officer and the Director of Corporate Services.

The purpose of the meeting is to develop communication and support networks and to ensure that no opportunity to showcase the Myall Coast is missed.

Project Updates

Whilst I report generally on matters that are new to council occasionally it is important to give an update on projects that are ongoing.

Fame Cove: Council has been awaiting development concepts for an appreciation of the scale and type of development the developer is seeking to undertake.

Very preliminary sketches have recently been received.

The proponent has recently commenced work on an approved road /driveway and in unloading the machinery to do the work: the new road surface was impacted.

Either the proponent or the contractor did not follow the requirements.

Nonetheless the proponent is required to make good the damage and ensure all safety procedures are followed in the future.

Dredging of the Myall: The water based component of the dredging of the original channel will commence in approximately 3 weeks’ time. Land based dredging has already produced a third of the sand to be dredged.

In preparation for the dredging a temporary pipeline to Jimmy’s Beach is being laid this week.  A design on a permanent transfer system is being commissioned.

In the interim a watching brief is in place at Jimmy’s Beach for storm events and potential impacts the beach.

Pest and weed control is being undertaken at Corrie Island, including wild dogs, foxes and bitou bush.

Approvals for the dredging of Corrie Island navigation channel are being sought so that that Maintenance dredging to remove approximately 20,000m of marine sand from the Corrie navigation channel following the completion of the original channel project. The project is expected to take approximately 7 weeks to complete.

Water Quality NAC: Council in conjunction with the University of Newcastle continues the monitoring and sampling program.

Two fines issued have been issued to two residents in North Arm Cove, for allowing the contents of their septic tanks to overflow.

A continual periodic check of pumpout systems is occurring.

Council recently appointed a temporary full time Plumbing Inspector to inspect all High Risk systems and is inspecting Coomba Park, then North Arm Cove and Bundabah.

Weed Control Bennett’s Beach: The past twelve months has seen approximately $30,000 dollars invested in on ground weed management from the GLC noxious weeds budget.

No aerial spraying was conducted last year due to the success of the aerial spraying program in previous years.

Mature bitou bush has been reduced by more than 96% and follow up seedling and juvenile plant recruitment is at hand.

Other works have included the first pass treatment of all weedy species on the streets of Hawks Nest following on from the urban private property inspection program, and follow up treatments over 108 ha treated by a combination of methods for secondary weeds such as, but not limited to, ground asparagus, lantana, prickly pear, yucca, myrtle leaf milkwort, cassia, African olive, Queensland umbrella trees and the new and emerging weeds sea holly and sea spurge. These works are ongoing and compliment works conducted with the environmental trust funding.

Marine Drive foreshore: The planting of 2 new Port Jackson figs on the foreshore is imminent.

The trees are at Woodward’s nursery acclimatising and it is expected that they will be planted next week.


  1. Michael Spalding says

    Perhaps Len could let the people of the villages south of Buladelah know that Mid Coast Water ( with a GLC councillor on the board ) has rejected the offer of substantial funding from the NSW government for supplying a water supply to these villages. Mid Coast has not factored any of these villages into their 30 year plan..
    The only way any of these villages will see digital tv reception, mobile phone reception, sewer or water is if Port Stephens Council takes control and the likes of I got 4 votes Carol McCaskie and GLC arent involved anymore.

  2. David Harris says

    whats the update on sealing the roads around Bundabah? we all received letter saying the work will be done 2014/15 or has the money been used at the Windy Wopper money pit again, we want answer Len not more spin

    • michael spalding says

      pleasant view is supposed to start in september. with the funding from the roads to recovery program available you would think that with all the equipment on site they would do second and cove as well.
      the people of bundabah need to hound GLC incessantly if they want those promised works done. call Greg Pitt and demand a straight answer.


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