Leash free debate for dogs on beaches

Who doesn’t enjoy a long walk and a good stretch along our beaches and wide open spaces along the Myall Coast?Dog

As the sun rises over the horizon each day there are many public spaces being trampled by early morning joggers and fitness enthusiasts but for many people there is a key member of their family unit not being able to fully enjoy a total workout, and that member is of course our pet dogs.

Currently within the circulation area of Myall Coast News, there are just three leash free areas for our four legged mates where they can roam free and run as hard as they want, socialize with other dogs (which is a key element of improving behavioral issues with dogs) and get the exercise they regularly need.

According to the Great Lakes Council website, areas where dogs can roam leash free currently include Bennetts Beach, Providence Bay (North of pathway) and the Yacaaba Peninsula.

That effectively leaves Tea Gardens, Bundabah, Pindimar and North Arm Cove without any leash free areas at all.

Following up on complaints from residents from these areas that appear to be increasingly targeted by Council Rangers threatening $220 on the spot fines, Myall Coast News have contacted Great Lakes Council to highlight the issue and try to gain a statement regarding adding more leash free areas for our pets.


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