Journalist Nathalie Craig, writes for Myall Coast News

Almost twelve months on and former Myall Coast Nota journalist Nathalie Craig writes again for the local weekly newspaper of the area.

Nathalie Craig at Myall Coast News

Nathalie Craig

The Myall Coast News [of the area] newspaper, also referred to as the ‘NOTA, ‘MCNOTA’, the ‘News’ and ‘the Paper’, is pleased to have the experience of Ms Craig within the team.

“I knew this community would quickly open an independent paper after the Fairfax owned NOTA folded,” Nathalie said.

“It’s the type of community with a great sense of get up and go.”

I’m happy to see the community has still been receiving their news and for the time I am working for the MCNOTA I will continue to keep you all informed on everything that is happening within your community,” she said.

When Nathalie originally started as a journalist within the area back in 2011, she quickly developed many close relationships.

She also took a passion and a love for the region, its issues and its news.

Nathalie said, “When I started work on Myall Coast I hardly knew the area, soon after I felt part of the community and by the time I left for my overseas adventure in 2014, I called the area home.”

Nathalie believes that the Myall Coast has such a unique and special community with characters from all walks of life making it such a colourful place.

“This is a passionate community with many residents who truly stand up for what they believe in, making it such a fascinating place to work,” she said.

“The variety of topics I covered on a weekly basis could range from interviewing the world’s oldest university graduate, keeping on top of some of the state’s most significant environmental issues to watching a community fight to stay afloat and thrive after the new bypass,” Nathalie told Myall Coast News.

“After travelling the world, I can still say with complete conviction that the Myall Coast is one of the most beautiful places on earth,” she said.

“Many of the opportunities I was lucky enough to engage in during my year overseas, stemmed from the Myall Coast.”

“The Rotary Club of the Myall Coast gave me the opportunity to go on a job exchange, working as a journalist in the UK.”

“I was then able to work for two weeks on Peter and Kerry Hodges French Connection tour in the south west of France,” Nathalie said.

Ann Scully got the paper off the ground in April 2014 and said, “The contribution of Nathalie Craig is a valuable addition to the experienced Myall Coast News media team.”

Ann said that it’s so important to have an industry-experienced team and paid professionals to truly give the region a newspaper that we deserve.

“For growing communities like the Myall Coast has, along with the real issues we face, it’s important to have a well trained newspaper team championing its people and providing a voice to the world,” she said.

The Myall Coast News has an experienced behind the scene team allowing us to tick all the ‘media boxes’.

“We not only have a growing quality community newspaper, but also an actively followed Social News Media site and a comprehensive News Media Website (mobile friendly) that is not only used by locals but also so many others outside our community,” Ann said.

Ms Scully urged all businesses to get behind the paper as the advertising rates have probably never been as low.

“Keeping this paper financially viable is most important,” Ann said.

“We probably don’t have quite the cost base that may have led to Fairfax closing the paper previously, however with the team and quality we wish to deliver for this important region, we need the advertising support of business.”


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