Insights of a Yogi book launched by Mish Mockovic Martin

For Mish Mockovic Martin her concept for writing a book has been on her mind for the past ten years but three years ago Mish became serious about her project and now has successfully launched her book, “Insights of a Yogi” which has been based on the understanding of karma through life’s experiences.

Mish Mockovic Martin

Mish Mockovic Martin

When interviewed, Mish told Myall Coast News, “I have a genuine sense of pride for my overall commitment to writing and practicing Yoga and the fact that my book has finally come to fruitition after many years of mulling over the concept.”

Mish is passionate about her craft and hopes that after reading her book, people will be inspired to try Yoga which she believes is excellent for the relief of stress and depression.

“People should not feel intimidated or feel that Yoga is an old-fashioned concept that only hippies perform as Yoga has become a modern day form of exercise that is increasingly being recommended by phychologists to their patients,” Mish said.

This vibrant young woman’s first encounter with Yoga occurred many years ago when she participated in her first Yoga class in Balmain.

From that point, Mish fell in love with Yoga and the fact that this form of exercise provides an alternative to address certain societal conditions.

“Insights of a Yogi” is definitely a compelling read as Mish has used her own life experiences throughout the book to demonstrate how through the practice of Yoga, people can create their own sense of wellbeing.

If you would like to purchase “Insights of a Yogi”, it is listed on the Amazon website or alternatively, you could go to the author’s website which is

Mish concluded by saying, “While you can move, focus and breathe, everyone can do Yoga.”

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