Great Lakes tourism is tracking well this season

Summer is in full swing in the Great Lakes. Thousands of visitors are exploring the region, swimming at the beaches, boating on the lakes, trekking through forests and enjoying a well-earned break.

Photo by Simon Wilson

Photo by Simon Wilson

With tourism being one of the biggest economic drivers in the region, this time of year is incredibly important.

The Great Lakes attracts just over 1 million visitors a year.

This contributes $374 million directly to the local economy.

The singing bridge Tea Gardens

Photo by Simon Wilson

This summer period alone will see over half of the regions total yearly visitation.

That’s $200 million of expenditure, which equates to $568,000 per day and an astounding $24,000 per hour!

“Tourism money is ‘new money’ – it flows through our economy and into the pockets of everyone in the community,” said Tourism and Marketing Co-ordinator, Sharon Bultitude.

“Tourism activity creates jobs, attracts businesses and services, builds facilities, educates and brings events.

“At an individual level tourism activity pays bills, school fees, puts food on tables and supports many local associations and clubs.”

Ms Bultitude continued, “Also, the whole region is on show. Summer is one big marketing opportunity where we can promote the Great Lakes as an amazing place to visit, invest in and move to.”

Initial indications are that this summer is set to be quite good, generally.

Photo by Simon Wilson

Photo by Simon Wilson

And with 2 weeks to go, a strong foundation will be set for the coming year.

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