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Research shows that people with better reading skills are more likely to have a job, more likely to be paid more, experience better health and are less likely to end up in gaol.pauline and student

As part of a desire to improve literacy levels in the region the Great Lakes Library Service secured funding in 2014 to train people in how to become literacy tutors.  When they called for volunteers they were overwhelmed with the response. One thing led to another and a wonderful service called Better Reading Better Communities was established.

Better Reading Better Communities has now come to the Myall, thanks to support from Northcoast TAFE and our Library. But what does all that mean?

The cornerstone of Better Reading Better Communities is a group of enthusiastic volunteers who have been trained to help people of all ages and abilities to improve their reading.

In the Forster-Tuncurry area these tutors are working with schools, working one-on-one with adults, reading at nursing homes, holding story time sessions at the local markets and even helping people fill out forms.

Better Reading Better Communities would like to give Myall residents the same opportunity to develop the skills necessary to help people who really need reading assistance.  TAFE will provide the training, the Tea Gardens Library will be the venue – the only missing ingredient is you.

If you’d like to receive free training, developed by qualified TAFE teachers, in how to help people with their reading then please contact the friendly staff at Tea Gardens Library (in person or via phone on 4997 1265).

The training has been developed to be undertaken online, with a special, initial face-to-face training session to get people on the right track. This will take place on Thursday 3 December at Tea Gardens Library.

There is no cost to this training (the Library is covering it) and there are no restrictions on who can participate, though there is a maximum of 20 people for the face-to-face training session.

As part of the program, course participants will be registered as library volunteers, which will enable them to have free NSW police checks and working with children checks.

Perhaps you know someone who could use some help with their reading.  Perhaps you’d like to help local children improve their reading.  Perhaps you just want to make a difference in your community.

Perhaps becoming a Better Reading Better Communities literacy tutor is exactly what you’re looking for.

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