Department of Primary Industries with kids at Tuncurry

The Department of Primary Industries (DPI) have been running a series of fishing workshops these school holidays to teach the basics of recreational fishing to young fishers.


Jason Forrest with Ben Matuszny


DPI Education Officer Stephen Thurstan said the workshops will teach responsible fishing practices to children whilst providing an enjoyable educational experience.

“Fishing workshops are a fun interactive experience, held at a local fishing waterway designed to encourage children to enter and continue into the sport,” Mr Thurstan said.

“We’re focusing on fishing safely and responsibly, rules and regulations and developing some basic fishing skills such as baiting, rigging and casting.”

The fishing workshops are one of many initiatives funded by the NSW Recreational Fishing Trusts to improve fishing opportunities across the State.

“The workshops are strictly limited to 25 participants aged between 8 and 14 years old and run over four hours.”

Fisheries Education Officer Jamie Burns ran a workshop at Tuncurry last week with assistance of local Fishcare volunteers.

Mr Burns said, “Twenty five kids attended the workshop which was held at the Wallis Lake District Fisheries Office.”

“Several fish were caught during the workshop including Bream, Luderick and Flathead,” he said.

“Participants were also taught casting, knot tying and how to set up their own rod and reel before going fishing to practice these skills,” Mr Burns told Myall Coast News.

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