David Miller and conservatorium students visiting Tea Gardens

David Miller is coming to the area very soon and is bringing with him the latest ensemble of students enrolled in the Graduate Programme at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.

David Miller

David Miller

After entertaining the children and teachers at Tea Gardens Public School on Friday 31 July,  Saturday 1 August will be your opportunity to enjoy this annual concert.IMG_3298

The performance is sponsored by the Myall U3A group who are dedicated and passionate about bringing these events to the community.

Barbara Lyle from Myall U3A said, “The U3A is always delighted to host and sponsor these visits by each ensemble of highly talented young musicians.”

This year we’ll hear from 19 year old Laura Chung.

Laura  is studying a double degree in Medicine and Music (flute) at Sydney University, studying under Emma Scholl, Associate Principal Flute in Sydney Symphony Orchestra.

Brett Gomez began giving solo performances on guitar aged 12 after being inspired at age 10 by hearing John Williams and beginning lessons in classical and flamenco guitar.

Brett has taken lessons from some of the world’s leading classical guitar players, and is studying under Vladimir Gorbach.

Chinese born violinist Li Gu at the age of 11 partook in the prestigious Guangzhou violin competition where she received high commendation.

Cellist George Yang was chosen as Leader of the Sydney Conservatorium of Music orchestra in 2014 and again this year.IMG_3293

Barbara Lyle told Myall Coast News, “As Head of Performance Studies at The Con, David Miller’s expertise as accompanist is always much appreciated.”

“The performance is on Saturday 1 August, at 2pm in the Hawks Nest Community Hall.”

Tickets are $20 and available from Hawks Nest and Tea Gardens Pharmacies or call Barbara Lyle on 49979630.

Myall Coast News spoke to David Miller and he said they will leave Sydney Conservatorium at 9am sharp and Tea Gardens Public School is always the first school they visit on this New Northern Tour.

“Each new group of Conservatorium students approaches this in a different way,” he said.

“Some are apprehensive, some are super confident.”

“We perform for the whole school, which is a lot of children all together in one place.”

“We perform outside, with accompanying traffic noise, passing birds and gusts of wind,” he told Myall Coast News.

“After this the remainder of the tour seems easy, but we wouldn’t have it any other way,” he said.

Mr Miller said their main aim is to introduce their music and love of performing to the next generation.

“The tiniest spark of interest or involvement amongst our young audience suddenly makes it all worth while,” Mr Miller said.

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