Dad’s play important role in a child’s life

Great Lakes Council’s Library Service is encouraging dads to reach out to their children through reading.dads & bubs

Modelling reading, sharing stories, exploring the world together and engaging in meaningful conversations that build critical thinking skills is the crucial role dads play in their child’s literacy development from birth to adulthood.

It is never too early to begin reading.  We encourage you to start from birth when the brain continues to develop at an extraordinary rate until eight years of age, when it slows down a bit.

It doesn’t matter what you read.  Picture books are always fun and are available in fact books too. You could learn more about dolphins or gardening or trucks or anything else that interests you both.

Your local library has some awesome books, available free of charge. But if you can’t get down to the library or don’t want to, a car manual will do!

If you don’t see your child each day, try reading over the phone or talking about the books they have been reading or take an interest in the activities of their day.

Studies show fathers who take an interest in their children’s day-to-day social activities and relationships are far more successful at school.

Research shows that boys with involved fathers are less likely to get into trouble with police, have a healthy gender identity and are more aware of their feelings and emotions.

Similar research also found that girls with involved fathers were less likely to experience mental health problems later in life.

Genuine praise and admiration from a father can help his daughter grow up to be an independent, confident woman.

Reading to your children is one of the most important things you can do for them.

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