Bulahdelah Scout hall with new kitchen and appliances

Joeys, Charlie Garemyn and Ezra Hammerl cooking in the Scout kitchen.

The Scout Hall in Bulahdelah has had a makeover due to a brand new kitchen as well as appliances being installed. On Monday 24 August, the Joeys and their leaders enjoyed using the kitchen for the first time and cooked up a feast of garlic bread, pancakes and biscuits. The kitchen was bought and installed due… click for more

Aboriginal Dance Group performed at Bulahdelah Preschool

Bulahdelah Central School indigenous dancing

Bulahdelah Preschool received a visit from the Aboriginal Dance Group from Bulahdelah Central School who presented their choreographed indigenous dance. This is the dance that was originally performed during NAIDOC week at Bulahdelah Central School. This was the first time that the Aboriginal Dance Group performed at the Preschool and it was the first time that… click for more

Sandra McBride found her son Damien Turpin after 35 years

Sandra McBride in the arms of her son Damien Turpin

Imagine  if your child had disappeared? How would you feel if you had lost contact? This was how a local Bulahdelah resident, Sandra McBride had felt for decades. Emotions ran high for Sandra this week when she was reunited with her long-lost son Damien, after a long search spanning over three decades had come to an end…. click for more

St Joseph’s Bulahdelah highest scoring in debating competition

Seren Everingham, Elizabeth Wylie, Sophia Stubbs and Gayathri Rajan

St Joseph’s Bulahdelah took part in the Catholic Schools Regional Debating Competition on 4 August. The day was hosted at St. Joseph’s Bulahdelah and Catholic schools from Taree, Gloucester and Forster attended. St. Josephs Bulahdelah Debating Team consisted of Seren Everingham, Elizabeth Wylie, Sophia Stubbs and Gayathri Rajan and they debated on a range of… click for more

Nissan Datsun Driving Club were at Bulahdelah

Scott McCloy driver and Bre McCloy navigator

The Nissan Datsun Driving Club were at Bulahdelah on Saturday 22 August with over 30 cars registering for the Myall River Rally 2015. Adriana Pallister was in the office of the Bulahdelah Swimming Pool area from 9.00 am accepting registrations and then the cars went through a process of scrutineering. The process of scrutineering involved checking… click for more

Bulahdelah student Lilly May Brown dressed up and aiming

Lilly May Brown poised and ready

Lilly May Brown is a sharp shooter and can shoot while dressed up in 1850’s Western style clothing. Single Action Shooting is becoming one of the fastest growing sports in Australia and involves being in costume and using Old West firearms. Lilly is a Year 7 student at Bulahdelah Central School and lives at Bunyah and… click for more

Don Hudson talks about the Adam Goodes story

Bulahadelah Central School Principal

Principal of Bulahdelah Central School, Don Hudson, talks about bullying and victimisation: Over the past few weeks you couldn’t help but be a part of the Adam Goodes story. Most people have a perspective or belief on why Adam Goodes is being targeted with booing when playing AFL for the Sydney Swans. There is no doubt… click for more