Tea Gardens Resource Recovery & Waste Transfer Station recycling advice

Recycleing has honestly never been easier. Sure there’s the regular milk cartons, papers, brochures and other household waste that can be recycled for the future. daren web

You can extend your recycling skills this month and actually score a voucher from the Tea Gardens Resource Recovery & Waste Transfer Station, located at Winta Road in Tea Gardens.

This month celebrates ‘Recycling Week’, but the team have gone one further for the Environment and have added on an extra week.

From Monday 9 November until Sunday 22 November, Darren Evans and the team at the Tea Gardens Waste Facility will be gratefully accepting your old goods and wares for re-sale in the Tip Shop, and offer you a raffle ticket for your troubles for your chance to win a $40 voucher.

Items suitable for recycling and re-sale at the Tip Shop can be dropped off for FREE Monday to Wednesday, 12pm to 4pm. They are also open on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 8am until 12pm and even midday to 4pm Sundays.

You don’t have to drop off goods to be in the running for the $40 voucher either, you can simply purchase something from the vast array of recycled goodies at the Tip Shop to be in the running.

Speaking with Myall Coast News, Darren Evans from the Tea Gardens Resource & Waste Transfer Station said, “It’s amazing what we see come in sometimes. Occasionally you’ll see near brand new lounges come in just because someone is moving and can’t take it with them.”

“We turn over the stocks on the shelves every 3 to 5 months or so, but sometimes we see an influx of some goods and we have to move them quick, that creates absolute bargains for people that are looking for that something special, even if it’s from the Tip Shop,” he said.



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