Tea Gardens Mens Shed protect newly planted water front trees

New trees recently planted along the waterfront on Marine Drive that has been rejuvenated by Great Lakes Council, are being protected from the elements and human interference with thanks to the team from the Tea Gardens Mens Shed (TGMS).Tea Gardens mens shed

Great Lakes Council supplied the building materials to the members of the Tea Gardens Mens Shed, who constructed these sturdy frames that now surround the new trees. Construction took place at the TGMS which is located at the old Tip Shop in the Tea Gardens Industrial Estate.

Meeting on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8.30am to 2pm, the members have professionally built these frames from quality timbers which were later installed by Great Lakes Council Staff.

Speaking with Myall Coast News, member Grant Hickey said, “It gives everyone such a boost to be able to assist the community with little projects like this.”

“Members of the Tea Gardens Mens Shed come from all walks of life, and we really enjoy being able to help out whenever we can,” he said.

Members of the TGMS were present at the Myall River Festival last Saturday, hosting a stall and proudly displaying various products they have made and are still in the process of producing to assist the local community, and were only to happy to show me the Tree Frames built by them on the foreshore.

They are always extending a welcome to new members, and remember age is no boundary.


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