Safety concerns for Tea Gardens wharf

Letter to the editor: by (Dr) Gordon Pullin, Hawks Nest – “I have serious safety concerns about the decking on the dedicated Ferry wharf at Tea Gardens.Tea Gardens Ferry wharf safety

As you can see from the attached photos, the decking has been laid down from recycled plywood, was in appalling condition from the start and I believe needs to be re-done without delay.

Families with children frequently play and fish from this public wharf.

A major penetrating splinter injury is certain.

Associated serious infection and its sequelae in this environment is high.

A secondary issue is that the first view many tourists see on alighting from the Ferry at Tea Gardens is this decrepit decking.

Far from a good introduction to the town!!

I wonder if you would look into this situation and consider removing the current plywood and replacing it with appropriate, quality timber planking, if not from an aesthetic point of view then at least from a safety one.

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