Pelicans raise their heads again on the Tea Gardens Hawks Nest bridge

The Singing Bridge in Tea Gardens is proving once again to be popular with a number of pelicans roosting on top of the street lights on both sides of Singing Bridge that connects Tea Gardens and Hawks Nest.

Myall Coast News noticed a few of the regular feathered visitors were back in force last week, with up to 20 birds taking advantage of what must be prime real estate for the birds in the area.

Walking over the bridge the defection and mess the pelicans are causing is, while not picture worthy, quite a fair bit and rather displeasing to the eye given all the other beautiful views around.

Making sure I didn’t have a target on top of my cap as I strolled from one side to the other, the mess is evident on both sides and must be a talking, or worse a turning point for many visitors to the area.

Back in January this year Myall Coast reported that Essential Energy were planning to place spikes on top of the lights to discourage the birds roosting on them.

Myall Coast News understands this plan never eventuated into action.

Whilst there have been many suggestions on how to control the pelicans movements, with some groups opposing the installation of the spikes suggested by Essential Energy, the birds continue to come, sit, and.. yeah, that other thing.

Great Lakes Council and Essential Energy spokespersons were contacted for comment on Friday 16 October and are yet to respond – we will keep you updated with progress on this issue.

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