Novice Consistency Championship Tea Gardens Women’s Bowling Club

There was a disappointing field contesting the Novice Consistency Championship according to Lily Smith from the Tea Gardens Women’s Bowling Club.

Club Novice Consistency Championship players, Pam Gilchrist
and winner Sheril Johnson


“This year only 4 players participated and as a consequence, the first round became the semi-final,” Lily told Myall Coast News.

“Although numbers were down  it didn’t detract from fantastic bowling from the ladies,” she said.

For the first round, held on 6th November, Sheril Johnson defeated Laurel Laver while Pam Gilchrist defeated Julie Kennedy.

The final of the Novice Consistency Championship was played on the 11th November, between Sheril Johnson and Pam Gilchrist.

Sheril Johnson proved too consistent and experienced for Pam Gilchrist on this occasion, winning 150 to 110.

This was Sheril Johnson’s first title.

The match was a hard fought game and Pam Gilchrist, in her first year at bowls, is already demonstrating her skills as an accomplished bowler.

In social bowls news for the Club, the winners with the highest margin were Cecelia Hunt, Carolyn Bywater, Val Hicks and Jo Younghusband.

On 13th November the social winners were Robin Webster, Dot Montgomery and Lorraine Harvey.

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