Lionesses continue to support Tea Gardens and Hawks Nest people

The Lioness Club of Tea Gardens Hawks Nest have been very generous in their support of the preschool over the years.

Lioness Hawks Nest Tea Gardens
At their latest meeting, Lioness President Lorna Russom spoke about arrangements to host the Annual Spring Fashion Parade (including supper) with the latest fashions from Ella’s Boutique to be held at the Hawks Nest Community Hall on Tuesday, 16 September.
Preschool Committee President Anita Howarth was guest speaker.
Anita gave a great insight into the past ten years of community fundraising for the much needed extensions which are at lock-up stage.
She spoke with enthusiasm on how the community have really come forward this year with donations to help towards funding for the final stage.
Generous donations have also been received from individuals including past parents.

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