Gordon Grainger talks about Myall River Action

The dredging program is licensed to the 31 October, which coincides with the Riverside Festival.DSCN4533 (1) copy

It will be touch and go as to whether the full program will be completed, so looking on the positive side , what more could we ask for—the entrance fully opened, a fine day and the opportunity of a ferry trip on the completion day.

This community will be aware of the seven years, we as the Myall River Action Group (MRAG) have campaigned in order to achieve this outcome and return the Myall to what it was and will continue to be, a pristine river, with clear waters and oceanic influence.

We believe that we have reached a milestone in that 3 tiers of local government are participating in this program and this participation looks bright for the future.

Great Lakes Council has committed to a 20 year sand stabilisation program for Jimmies Beach and will source the sand from the eastern or natural entrance.

This course of action will considerably reduce the cost impost on residents being rate levied by past programs.

Several State Govt. agencies including OEH and Crown Lands are studying and monitoring sand movements and river health.

The Commonwealth Govt. has begun a rehabilitation program in restoring Ramsar listed Corrie Island to its’ classification as a world class refuge for migratory birds.

The MRAG decided that the community and visitors be given the opportunity of viewing the works at first hand. We will participate in the Riverside Festival to be held on Saturday 31 October and have secured the availability of a ferry, generously provided by Daniel Aldridge, whose company owns and operates the Ferry Link service through the ‘Tamboi Queen” and the locally owned “Wallamba” (Wally).

The ferry trip is anticipated to take approx. one hour and will leave the public wharf at Tea Gardens at intervals of 1 and a half hours beginning at 9am.

Depending on demand, we are hopeful of 6 trips during the day. Entry is free for the kids and adults will be asked to donate a gold coin to help defray the ferry costs. Coffee and tea is complimentary, soft drinks and beers can be purchased on board.

Bookings will not be possible, however intending passengers will be able to choose their preferred time and be issued with tickets.

Each of the trips will be accompanied by a member from one or more of the agencies who will provide a short summary of their participation in the project, as well as our political representatives, Bob Baldwin and Kate Washington.

The MRAG will be located in a marquee near the entrance to the wharf and will be manned by a couple of members of the Group and agency speakers will be available to answer questions.

We have arranged for a photo display and a TV history of the numerous news clips taken during the past seven years. Our thanks go to Andrew Lobb of NBN Newcastle, Matthew Kelly from Newcastle Herald for their help and locally, our Men’s’ Shed, Glen Henry and Roger Johnson of Rogers Computers.

Our purpose is to show people what they have fought for and to lay the foundation for the future.

We want them to say that by living here everything is “Better by the Myall”.

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