Easter Celebrations in Bulahdelah, Karuah, Tea Gardens & Hawks Nest

Chocolate, hot cross buns, family, church services and long weekend, Easter is celebrated in many different ways.

Claire Tufrey, Charlie Garemyn, Ruby Plummer, Lillian Jenkins and Jade Pickett are looking forward to Easter.

With traditional Easter Hat Parades, egg hunts and visits from the Easter Bunny occurring in schools and pre-schools this week, News of the Area spoke to some of our younger community members to find out what they are looking forward to over the Easter break.

Nine-year-old Ruby Plummer said she always enjoys spending time with her family at their farm in Bulahdelah.

“We always get up really early and Mum organises an Easter egg hunt around the farm which is a lot of fun,” she said.

“My two brothers and I go searching and we always find lots of eggs.”Six-year-old Jade Pickett said she is looking forward to being at home over Easter.

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“We always have an Easter egg hunt and follow a trail the Easter Bunny leaves around the house,” Jade Pickett said.

“I like finding Easter eggs and sharing them with my family.”

An Easter family
camping trip is always enjoyed by seven-year old Charlie Garemyn.

“I like going camping with my brother and sister because we always have a good time together,” Charlie said.

“We always eat our Easter eggs as soon as we wake up.”

Although chocolate is high on the list of priorities for the girls, many families in the area are planning holidays, attending church services, taking part in community activities and enjoying quality time with family and friends.

The girls hope everyone enjoys their Easter plans. “I hope everyone has a good time and has fun with their families during the Easter holiday,” Charlie said.

A list of the local Church Services can be found below.

Easter long weekend is upon us and one of the most important celebrations in the world of Believers is the death and rising of Jesus Christ.

Church Services of all denominations will gather to learn and celebrate at this important time.

Reverend Ray Longmuir told News of The Area, “What a wonderful day is Easter Day, Easter testifies to the success of Jesus Christ’s mission to save us, and to the completion of his work.”

“On this day we celebrate that he has conquered our worst enemies, the enemies of sin and death,” he said.

“At Easter we rejoice that he lives, Christ Jesus is alive today.”

“Christianity is not just a noble ethic, based on the ‘sermon on the mount’, but the religion of the resurrection, with the Cross at its centre.”

Rev Longmuir said, “Through faith in Christ we are raised together with him, to walk with faith in the person and work of Jesus Christ, is to” walk in newness of life.”

Tonight the Anglican Church, St Andrews, at Tea Gardens will hold Maundy at 7pm.

Then on Good Friday, Anglican Services will be on at 8am for St Andrews, at Tea Gardens and 7pm for St John at Bulahdelah.

The Uniting Church will have Good Friday Services at 8.30am Bulahdelah (Crawford Street), 10.45am for Karuah (Tarean Road) and 9am for Tea Gardens (Myall Street).

The Baptist Church at Tea Gardens will hold a Good Friday Service at 9am.

Catholic Good Friday Services are at Bulahdelah 10am & 3pm, Tea Gardens 10am & 3pm and Karuah 3pm. Easter Sunday Services are as follows:

The Anglican will meet at Bennetts Beach at 6am. Also a service will be at St Andrews, Tea Gardens at 8am.

St Johns Anglican Church at Bulahdelah will hold an Easter Day Service at 10.15am.

Uniting Church Easter Day services are at Tea Gardens at 9am, Bulahdelah at 9.30am and Karuah at 10.45am.

See the advertisements for clarification of specific times, days and locations of the Churches.

The Baptist Easter Day Service at Tea Gardens starts at 10am.

The Catholic hold Easter Day Services at Karuah at 7.30am, Bulahdelah at 8.30am and Tea Gardens at 9am.

The Catholic denomination also hold Easter Vigil and Saturdays Services as well as a Holy Thursday Service tonight at Tea Gardens.

Myall Coast News Of The Area wish everyone a happy and safe Easter with loved ones.

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