Brodie Newell wins a trip to the Zoo from completing a Myall Coast News quiz

While nine year old Brodie Newell was visiting Grandparents in Tea Gardens he decided to test himself with the Myall Coast News’ “How Many Words” quiz.Brodie Newell at Tea Gardens

If you are not familiar with this quiz, have a look at page 10 of the newspaper this week.

Basically there is a chosen word each week and the idea is to make as many words using the letters within the chosen word.

Each week the person who sends Myall Coast News the most words wins, for that week.

Ann Scully from the paper said, “Each week there are new people submitting their results, in fact this week saw many kids send us their entries.”

“One person told me they do the quiz every week as it helps the mind healthy.”

While there is no prizes offered to the winner (each week), the person with the most words has their name published in the following edition.

On this occasion, Myall Coast News is pleased to give Brodie a prize for his 17 word entry.

Myall Coast News is sending Brodie a family Pass to Taronga Western Plains Zoo.

“He is still here with us for the holidays and he reads the paper himself,” said Grandmother Liz Kelly.

Brodie said, ” Thank you for the photo and the article  you put in the paper. I was very happy that i won and am looking forward to going to the zoo with my family.”

Congratulations Brodie and have fun, from the Myall Coast News.

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