Amrit and Rachana Poudyal have opened new restaurant in Hawks Nest

Indian and Nepalese flavours are coming to Hawks Nest as Amrit and Rachana Poudyal get ready to open the doors of their new restaurant, Curries and More.

Amrit and Rachana Poudyal Hawks Nest

Amrit and Rachana Poudyal

Chef Amrit, already has a strong local fan base who have been enjoying his curries during his time working at the Tea Gardens Hotel Motel.

“The Tea Gardens Hotel Motel sponsored me to work as a chef when I came from Nepal in 2011,” he said.

“My curry specials would sell like hot cakes. It was the locals who put the idea in our minds that we should start up our own business.”

Amrit’s wife, Rachana, also worked at the Tea Gardens Hotel Motel as a waitress.

Their new restaurant, which is set to open to customers in early March, is situated in the old Sandbos Café building in Booner Street, Hawks Nest.

There will be traditional favourites on offer ranging from butter chicken to lamb korma and lamb rogan josh.

Several other curries will feature on the menu as well as warm salads and wraps, all with Indian and Nepalese influence.

For the more adventurous eaters there is the super spicy lamb vindaloo.

The Poudyal’s will be introducing the Myall Coast to the traditional Nepalese dish, Mo Mo. This dish comes in the form of homemade dumplings filled with chopped vegetables, minced chicken and spices.

“It’s very popular in Nepal and it makes a beautiful smell.”

There will also be a selection of paratha flatbreads on the menu.

The Poudyal’s are excited to start the business and are planning many special events for the future including  themed evenings.

“We know the tastes of the town so they should be happy with our flavours,” they said.

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